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Endeavor STEM Teaching Certificate Project
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I was wary of online courses, but the live, interactive parts of these, with professors and scientists are phenomenal. It was just like I was learning in a classroom, but I was at home.

— Brian Thompson, NC

The range of educational experiences are both valuable and real. The course offerings utilize the latest technologies in comprehensive STEM education. This experience with Endeavor has been the most meaningful education that I have worked at in my adult life.

— Mark Barone, NY

I have been teaching 25 years and this is the first time I have taken classes and been involved in a education program where I learn something new all the time. Do you know humbling a feeling that is and how inspiring it is when I put together lessons for my students?

— Gioya DeSouza-Fennelly, NY

I am a bit of a nerd when it comes to science, and since becoming a Fellow, folks have started to listen to my ideas. I taught a professional development class over the summer on using the NASA design challenges in the classroom, and it went over quite well. I owe the Program so much.

— Celena Miller, TX

I'm now referred to as the science department head-this is not true and I'm not paid any more money-but a lot of other teachers are now coming to me. The leadership aspect has really cemented what I'm doing and has created better opportunities for me, and also the math teachers—working out details, combining our lessons works out great.

— Christy Wood, WA

I wanted to let you know you really opened my eyes to the world of physics and how it can be incorporated into the elementary classroom. Prior to this class I had always been afraid of physics and in fact, had changed my major from Bachelors in Science to Education when I was confronted with having to take the course. Now that I see what physics is about, I am excited about the opportunities to teach it in my STEM classroom. I have REALLY enjoyed the Endeavor program. I wouldn't change this experience for anything. :)

— K. Ringgold-Deitz, OK

One of the things that I have enjoyed most about Endeavor is the incredible caliber of the instructors that you have assembled to take us through the program. I have learned so much from our professors in each of the courses, including AR, that I know has helped me grow as an educator.

— D. Wasylik, NBCT, FL

I am really enjoyed the Endeavor program. I even got a colleague to do the program with me.

— J. Lispki, MS

My humble achievements are nothing but a small reflection of the substantial guidance received from the Endeavor team. I would love to have continuous cooperation with Endeavor in STEM education and contribute any way I can.

— A. Khan, International Student Graduate

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