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images of Alaskan Natives and an Antarctica camp

This Award-winning, 6-8 week — or semester long — curriculum for secondary students engages thousands of students in climate change investigations using authentic polar science data. The exceptionally well-scaffolded classroom program integrates technology as tool for understanding.

  • blends Western Scientific Knowledge with a balance of Indigenous Scientific Knowledge. Students look at changes in climate with the lens of Indigenous peoples who live in the North and are affected by climate change.
  • students learn and investigate standards-based Earth, life and physical science topics in a polar context. Polar scientists inform the standards-based content and participate in training over a simple internet connection.
  • simplifies information usually displayed within Excel. Made easier than Excel, students focus on analysis when participating in: 1) real-world INVESTIGATIONS, and 2) the exquisite Build-Your-Own, ONLINE STUDENT RESEARCH PAPERS.
  • Integrates themes: Arctic and Antarctic, 'Past-Present-Future' and Earth's polar systems providing and integrating extensive STEM resources into the curriculum including hundreds of critically-acclaimed National Science Digital Library (NSDL) Resources.

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images of Alaskan Natives, Antarctica sientists, Polar Bears, Penguins, and a Walrus

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