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September 4, 2008


Contact: U.S. Satellite Laboratory

No-fee NASA, NSF and NOAA-sponsored Opportunities this Fall!

Comprehensive new curriculum and training are now available for no-fee. Teachers across the country may now apply to participate in three independent NASA, NSF and NOAA-award programs.

Engage classrooms in cutting-edge science and meet state standards at the same time! Students learn in various contexts including the ocean and Earth's Polar Regions as exciting hooks such as live animal tracking (polar bears, bald eagles, and sea turtles), 3D, and climate change fuel their thirst for learning and help them achieve scientific literacy.

We encourage schools to benefit from years of development by U.S. Satellite and embrace and adopt new, exciting curriculum that stem from large initiatives. Click below for details.

Signals of Spring ACES

Grades 7-8; or High School
NOAA logo Sponsored by:
National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration
(NOAA Award NA06SEC4690006)

Project 3D-VIEW (Virtual Interactive Environmental Worlds)

Grades 5, 6 and 7
NASA Meatball 
Sponsored by:
National Aeronautics and Space Administration
(NASA Award NNG04GE41A)

(Student Polar Research with IPY National (and International) Teacher Training)

Upper Elementary to High School
NSF logo Sponsored by:
National Science Foundation
(NSF Award 0732793)