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About Us

Thousands of K-12 educators have participated in U.S. Satellite projects and professional development since 1991. As leaders in U.S. STEM education solutions, U.S. Satellite delivers unique, engaging, student-centered, classroom-based curricula, rich with authentic data and real-life applications of content. Materials align to the latest standards.

Strongly focused on the integration of content from STEM area disciplines, U.S. Satellite curricula and accompanying professional development with mentoring are exemplary models in the STEM education movement. Evidence of increased state test scores in mathematics and science reflect U.S. Satellite's dedication to excellence.

With a pipeline of STEM education products, educator professional development, and STEM education consulting services, U.S. Satellite is poised to serve many additional schools over the next decade.

Our Mission

U.S. Satellite's mission is to improve student achievement through exemplary STEM educator professional development, mentoring, and standards-based curriculum, utilizing technology as a tool for understanding, while engaging students in meaningful contexts.