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April 15, 2008


Contact: U.S. Satellite Laboratory

Partnership Puts a New Dimension on the Earth Science Education

image of students around an Earth Balloon U.S. Satellite announces a new partnership with Earth Adventure of Circle Pines, Minnesota. The two companies are together introducing NASA-sponsored, Project 3D-VIEW [Virtual Interactive Environmental Worlds] in conjunction with Earth Adventure's interactive 'Earth Balloon'. The joint venture is designed to integrate 3D and an Earth Balloon to enhance Earth Science studies.

Under the new pilot program, Earth Adventures delivers a 20-foot wide Earth balloon to participating schools and works in tandem with U.S. Satellite's Project 3D-VIEW curriculum. The program utilizes several 3D stereo technologies and uniquely introduces Earth science concepts; the approach is designed to increase student performance. The balloon invites students to step inside the Earth and look at various Earth perspectives including geography and scale from the inside-out, providing a worldly perspective of our Earth and helping students to understand their place in it.

Dozens of schools are blending the two programs as Earth system science emerges on the forefront of curriculums across the U.S.