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March 28, 2012


Contact: U.S. Satellite Laboratory

Pearson Education distributes U.S. Satellite's national edition of Marine Science: The Dynamic Ocean

After a very successful Florida campaign with U.S. Satellite's Florida edition of Marine Science: The Dynamic Ocean, Pearson Education unveils a new, national edition of the course at NSTA in Indianapolis. The breakthrough publication is seeking inroads to thousands of new schools.

"Working with Pearson, the market for U.S. schools to add marine science to their high school science offerings is huge," said Glen Schuster, co-author of the publication. "With hundreds of really interactive, integrated digital assets, the course is designed to be an exemplar of STEM education. Learning science in the context of the ocean and with real-time marine animal tracking as a hook, students across the U.S. are going to love this course."

The course added four new extended "lessons" or chapters in Marine Biology.

Visit the new course here: (www.pearsonschool.com/marinescience)