U.S. Secretary of Education Visits NASA Endeavor Fellow

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On Wednesday May 12, 2010, Arne Duncan, U.S. Secretary of Education, joined 3rd graders and NASA Endeavor Fellow Netosh Jones. At the Martin Luther King, Jr. Elementary School in Washington, D.C., Ms. Jones’ students had a most interactive session about science and engineering in their classroom. Students presented their designs of “shock absorbers” that spacecraft need for landing on the Moon or Mars. The engineering activity led to a discussion about energy and friction as students assembled and tested model cars on various surfaces.

Ms. Jones, through Endeavor, has received extensive professional development in STEM. She facilitates engineering design challenges and science inquiry regularly with her students. Secretary Duncan, along with practicing engineers, spoke to students about careers in STEM fields. Students reported to the Secretary that building and design is a process that includes testing, lots of mistakes, corrections and “do-overs.”