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STEM Professional Development (PD) Mini Modules

STEM Professional Development (PD) Mini Modules are for educators looking for excellent, flexible, online STEM PD. Enroll in a six-hour module, facilitated by a veteran STEM educator and expert in online learning. Each teacher earns a 6 hour PD certificate.

Each six-hour module includes:

  • Three 1-hour live, online sessions
  • Three hours of collaboration, discussion, and implementation

How it works: Sign up for any module below. Receive information directly to your email address. It's that simple!

Cost: Each module is $250 per participant.

STEM PD Mini Modules

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Instructor: Stephanie Stern-Protz

Stephanie Stern-Protz, NASA Endeavor Fellow, NASA CCRI Education Ambassador, and Google Certified Trainer, will host a one-hour training session focused on fundamental skills in Google Classroom. Stephanie integrates NASA educational resources with google as a bonus. Gain knowledge of Google and NASA Resources at once in these engaging sessions.

Request a date at nasa_endeavor@us-satellite.net or register now!

Instructor: Dr. Mubina Schroeder

Explore publicly available data for teaching climate science to students of all ages. Learn to integrate the interdisciplinary topic climate change into STEM classrooms and teach students to analyze and think critically about data sets.

  • Session 1: Data is Everywhere; Finding Truth
  • Session 2: Climate Science in the Curriculum
  • Session 3: What can we do? Inspiring Activism
Outcome: Access climate data and learn to approach climate science from an action orientation.

Request a date: nasa_endeavor@us-satellite.net

Instructor: Karen Woodruff

Classroom Culture is essential for a productive learning environment. Students need to feel welcome and their ideas valued. Creating a virtual classroom culture can be challenging for classroom teachers. Learn how to invite all students into the learning community – even in a virtual setting.

  • Session 1: Classrooms for All Learners
  • Session 2: Discourse Models
  • Session 3: Collaborative Sensemaking
Outcome: Teachers will gain strategies for creating a virtual classroom culture, a key component of a successful classroom.

Request a date: nasa_endeavor@us-satellite.net

Instructor: Karen Woodruff

NASA Office of STEM Engagement is a leader in providing engaging mission related STEM and STEAM activities for all ages. Explore the content of the NASA STEM @ Home resource pages with expert teacher educators to focus on how you can meet your instructional goals with NASA!

  • Session 1: NASA is Going to Mars!
  • Session 2: NGSS based Resources for Blended Learning
  • Session 3: Inspiring the Next Generation
Outcome: Learn the vast resources that NASA provides for teaching and inspiring students to be STEM explorers.

Instructor: Karen Woodruff

Develop your skills for engaging all students in productive discourse and idea sharing in the face to face and virtual classroom. Learn how to initiate small group and consensus models as part of the STEM classroom.

  • Session 1: Student Ideas and Discourse in the STEM Classroom
  • Session 2: Modeling Instruction in All Settings
  • Session 3: Engaging All Learners in STEM
Outcome: Learn to put student ideas at the center of instruction.

Request a date: nasa_endeavor@us-satellite.net

Instructor: Charles Canestaro

Inquiry and experimental labs are an important part of STEM instruction. A variety of platforms exist for engaging students in virtual labs. Learn the basics of each or tailor the module to focus in depth on a specific content area.

  • Session 1: Maintaining the Science and Engineering Practices During Blended and Virtual Learning
  • Session 2: Virtual Lab Favorites in All Content Areas
  • Session 3: Implementation and Reflection
Outcome: Teachers learn virtual labs to use for blended and virtual instruction.

Request a date: nasa_endeavor@us-satellite.net

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