NASA Endeavor Science Teaching Certificate Project Sponsored by: National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA Award NNX08BA63A)
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How to Apply for No-fee NASA Endeavor Fellowships

Applications for competitive NASA Endeavor Fellowships (Cohort 4) will be available and accepted from June 15, 2011 through October 31, 2011 (extended). Cohort 4 is expected to begin January 4, 2012.

  • The Endeavor Science Teaching Certificate Project selected 40 Fellows in December 2008 and December 2009 and 50 Fellows in December 2010.

  • The Endeavor Science Teaching Certificate Project plans to select 50 Fellows, for Cohort 4 in late 2011 contingent upon budget. Cohort 4 will begin the program and coursework in January 2012. Applications for Cohort 4 will be accepted from fifty states, Puerto Rico, and U.S. Territories in 2011 from June 15, 2011 until October 31, 2011 (extended).

*Late applications will not be accepted*

Questions related to this announcement must be presented in writing from June 1, 2011 onward so that all may benefit from the responses. Relevant questions and responses will be posted to the Endeavor website at its Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ Section) which potential candidates should monitor.


Important Note: Applicants will upload the necessary documents as Microsoft Word or PDF documents during the online application process.

Macintosh users, when uploading accompanying documents, please make sure that Word documents are saved with the extension .doc. Not doing so may cause an error to occur.

Applicants may save an incomplete application. To return to your application, login with your email address and password after clicking the button below.

Cohort 4 Deadline:
October 31, 2011

  1. Eligible candidates include:

    • K-12, formal, in-service teaching professionals (full-time).

    • Pre-service educators in the final year of a certification program.

    • Alternate route educators teaching in the classroom or in the final semester of a certification program in Spring or Summer 2012.

      Cohort 4 will include in-service, pre-service and alternative-route education professionals, all of whom are teaching or working in the United States, Puerto Rico or U.S. Territories including the Department of Defense Dependent Schools.

      Educators of underrepresented student populations as well as those seeking their first science endorsement, or endorsements in additional science content areas are encouraged to apply.

  2. A United States Citizen.

Required Documents:

  1. A Curriculum Vitae or personal resume (two pages maximum).

  2. A Personal Statement. The personal statement must include the following two sections:

    Section I: (1500 word maximum)
    Please state whether you are in-service, pre-service or alternative-route educator and outline the following:
    • Your up-to-date experience in science education teaching. (Or, if pre-service/alternate route: your career and education up to this point)
    • Your career goals
    • A brief description of your educational philosophy
    • Why the Endeavor Science Teaching Certificate Project interests you
    • How you believe the Project will help you meet the needs of your learners as well as your career goals

    Section II: (250 word maximum)
    Please include the following:
    • A statement of commitment to the Project and its objectives should you be accepted
    • A statement of applicability of the Fellowship to your classroom teaching plan

  3. Two (2) Signed Letters of Recommendation*

    • One letter from a senior supervisor, such as a principal or superintendent (Or, if pre-service/alternate route: One letter from your advisor or mentor at your college or alternate route program)

      If applicable, this letter should state whether you are in the top 10% of teachers or students in your school or district

    • One letter from a peer outlining the contribution you make as an educator (Or, if pre-service/alternate route: One letter from a colleague or peer outlining your potential as an educator)

    *All letters MUST be signed. Letters are required to contain a form of a digital signature. They may be signed and scanned and then made into a PDF document. A letter may be saved as a .JPG or .GIF file and imported into a Word file and saved.


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