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Masters Degree Option

Earn a 5-course STEM Certificate as part of a low-cost Masters Degree.


NASA's Endeavor Science Teaching Certificate Project awarded highly competitive fellowships to 50 educator across the Nation from 2009-2012. See Press Release. Funding authorization was provided through the NASA Endeavor Teacher Fellowship Trust Fund as a tribute to the dedicated crew of the Space Shuttle Challenger. Endeavor has been sponsored by NASA, administered by U.S. Satellite Laboratory.

NASA Endeavor Fellows took 5 graduate courses in an innovative, live (online) format from the comfort of their home or school. They applied research-based pedagogical strategies and cutting-edge STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) content to their classroom contexts while becoming a part of an esteemed network of like-minded educators across the Nation forming an online community of practice. NASA Endeavor Fellows each had a mentor and earned a Certificate in STEM Education from Teachers College, Columbia University. As leaders in STEM Education, each Endeavor Fellow enhanced their teaching practice.

The blended synchronous and asynchronous model for Endeavor's online courses, which integrate content from each of NASA's Mission Directorates, has given participants the best of both worlds: working with challenging STEM content along with expert instructors, practicing scientists and engineers; and studying independently with coursework tailored to individual needs. Each course included take-away materials proven for the classroom. NASA Endeavor Fellows each earned a special Leadership Distinction Award for scaling up their practice within their district or state, or a Research Award for their STEM Action Research performed in the classroom or with schools.

Joint Online Masters Degree Option(s).

Beginning in Fall 2013 educators can earn the same, prestigious, 5-course NASA Endeavor Leadership Certificate in STEM Education from Teachers College, Columbia, at the same time they earn a Masters Degree from a low-cost regionally accredited Endeavor partner. Endeavor courses are taught by expert instructors with a Teachers College affiliation. The remaining courses are taught by professors at Endeavor's partner graduate schools of education.

Matriculated students are offered a mentor. They network and receive support from like-minded educators and Endeavor graduates from across the U.S.. Collectively, while earning the degree (and Endeavor Certificate) participants engage students of varying grades and levels of ability through diverse teaching and learning styles. Endeavor courses teach STEM pedagogical content knowledge. Incorporating authentic data and using technology as a tool for learning provide a springboard for cultivating problem solving skills, new standards, and inspiring student research projects.

Time Commitment

Full-time educators register for two (2) classes per semester including Fall, Winter/Spring, and Summer. They generally take one Endeavor course, and one course from the degree-granting institution. Others, or teachers who take sabbatical from the classroom, register for three or four courses per semester. Like all graduate courses, Endeavor courses require diligence. For each, participants must attend the associated live meetings online (~5 sessions, depending on the course). The self-paced work is derived from classroom practice or implementation, or it may include a combination of content and education-based assignments. The remaining degree-granting institution's courses are asynchronous; students work at their own pace.

What else should I know?

Endeavor courses prepare educators effectively to integrate and teach STEM content and achieve results with their students. Each student in the degree-granting program is offered a mentor to develop an individual plan for their work that usually includes trying out best practices of STEM Education. Everyone person in the program will implement either their own Action Research study to examine the effectiveness of materials and strategies, or earn a STEM Leadership Distinction on their STEM Certificate. The ultimate goal of Endeavor is for educators to become accomplished and to enact change in their classroom, school, and school district.

The special Endeavor Online Community is a meaningful and interactive vehicle from which participants will gain insights and knowledge over many years. Endeavor contributes to the literature; is on the forefront of research; and is the most practical way for educators to be successful with integrated STEM learning in his/her classrooms.

Who Should Apply?

The Joint Masters Degree Option between Endeavor and degree-granting partners is appropriate for a wide audience of formal educators (e.g., elementary generalists, middle or high school science or math content experts, technology educators, special educators, coordinators). Educators in STEM area disciplines are encouraged to apply.

Course of Study

Masters Degree students take one course from Endeavor and one course from the degree seeking institution each semester. Usually, Methods of STEM Education is the first Endeavor course. Next are three electives that will suit varied and wide interests. Finally, students take Action Research in the STEM Classroom or STEM Leadership Seminar, as the fifth course, meeting the Endeavor Certificate requirement.

As an option, Endeavor courses may be completed while seeking National Board Certification. All of the portfolio requirements for becoming nationally board certified can be met with the Endeavor coursework, exclusively.

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Topics include an Overview; Options for Participating; and Financing Your Masters Degree.

Optionally, click below to Apply for a high quality Masters Degree with an Endeavor regionally-accredited partner.

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