Online Master’s Degree

Earn a low-cost Master’s degree with a STEM focus from a partnering university AND the Endeavor STEM Teaching Certificate.

Select from one of our university partners to review the program of study for each university and apply:

What do Master’s Degree Candidates do?

  • Register for two classes per semester; one with Endeavor and one with the university partner.
  • Engage in interactive courses to gain understanding of STEM philosophy and tools for integration.
  • Enjoy the flexibility of innovative, 100% online Master’s level coursework.
  • Interact with NASA scientists and content experts in live sessions.
  • Work with a one-to-one mentor.
  • Collaborate with teachers globally.
  • Develop integrated STEM lessons for Next Generation Science Standards and Common Core State Standards.
  • Apply STEM resources and pedagogy directly to classroom teaching.
  • Advance teaching careers with STEM leadership strategies.

Register for a Live, 20-minute Orientation Webcast Session