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NASA, U.S. Satellite Collaborate to Improve Teaching Practice in STEM Education [Read Press Release]

Become a STEM Champion


Integrate STEM content and pedagogy in your classroom and district with Endeavor STEM Teaching Certificate Project.


Teachers and administrators earn a Certificate in STEM Education with a Leadership or Research distinction. Live, online graduate-level courses serve working professionals of all experience levels, including elementary generalists, secondary content experts, and library/makerspace specialists.


Choose from Two Tracks

Master's Degree

Earn a Master’s Degree with a STEM focus with one of our low-cost accredited university partners, while at the same time completing requirements for the Certificate in STEM Education.  All graduate credits are awarded by the degree granting institution.

STEM Leadership Certificate

Advance your career with a graduate certificate while earning graduate credits from one of our regional university partners. Learn to integrate STEM in your teaching with the support of dynamic instructors in online collaborative spaces. All coursework focuses on the meaningful use of authentic data for teaching math and science content with the purposeful use of technology and engineering design as tools for learning.

Endeavor STEM Courses

Methods of STEM Education* [Grades PK-5]

Methods of STEM Education* [Grades 6-12]

Action Research in the STEM Classroom

Climate Change with NSF SPRINTT


Exploring Mars: A New Twist on Science (or Math)

Physical Science in Motion: Classroom Applications

Coding, Robotics, and 1:1 Devices

Eyes on Earth: Teaching Earth Science from Space

WDLC – Weather Data Learning Center

Life and Marine Science: Tracking Live Marine Animals

Life in Space: NASA ISS and Astrobiology

Math Connections to STEM Education

NASA Astronomy and Space Science

NASA Physics for Real Beginners: Earth, Moon, and Space

Practicum in STEM Leadership

Reading and Writing in the Science Classroom

STEM Leadership Seminar

The Arts in STEM: Advancing Meaningful Integration

The E in STEM: Meaningful Content for Engineering

Success Stories

  • I was wary of online courses, but the live, interactive parts of these, with professors and scientists are phenomenal. It was just like I was learning in a classroom, but I was at home.

    Brian Thompson, NC
  • The range of educational experiences are both valuable and real. The course offerings utilize the latest technologies in comprehensive STEM education. This experience with Endeavor has been the most meaningful education that I have worked at in my adult life.

    Mark Barone, NY
  • I have been teaching 25 years and this is the first time I have taken classes and been involved in an education program where I learn something new all the time. Do you know humbling a feeling that is and how inspiring it is when I put together lessons for my students?

    Gioya DeSouza-Fennelly, NY
  • I am a bit of a nerd when it comes to science, and since becoming a Fellow, folks have started to listen to my ideas. I taught a professional development class over the summer on using the NASA design challenges in the classroom, and it went over quite well. I owe the Program so much.

    Celena Miller, TX
  • I'm now referred to as the science department head-this is not true and I'm not paid any more money-but a lot of other teachers are now coming to me. The leadership aspect has really cemented what I'm doing and has created better opportunities for me, and also the math teachers—working out details, combining our lessons works out great.

    Christy Wood, WA